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in the token era

Be ready to raise funds and acquire users for your DApp within days - easy, affordable and complaint.

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The financing toolbox you were missing - on the blockchain!

Transacting with your community and acquiring new users; verifying their identity; signing documents online. All of it comes together in Holdex.

Utility and security token sales (ICO/STO)

Be ready to raise funds via smart-contracts in a matter of days, under your brand and with no coding needed.

Documents signing

Sign documents and check signatories identity in one smart tool. Bonus: documents authenticity is verifiable on the blockchain.

Due diligence & KYC

Find out all you need to know about those you do business with - quick, affordable and without binding periods.

Community outreach and user acquisition

Boost your token adoption by showcasing your Dapp to hundreds of thousands of token users.  

Media mentions

Premium Services

Premium Customer Support

Get support within the hour any day of the week, included weekends. You need to talk to us urgently? We’ll be there.

Solution Customisation

Do you have specific requirements? Send them over and we’ll customize the solution for you.

Manual KYC/AML checks

Request for a compliance expert to do due diligence of companies or in-depth compliance checks of individuals.

What Customers
and Partners are saying

Engaging Holdex means that I don’t need to worry about an important but complex aspect of Agora’s crowdsale: the token sale technical and KYC components. And that’s priceless so I can focus on my project instead. Also Holdex team is always available to listen and welcome ideas from our side, which is essential for us.

Leonardo Gammar
Agora CEO

Holdex allows a flawless experience for its users as well as its admins. Customer support is there to help you all the way along your journey.

Charles Plenet De Badts
Blokcrise CEO

We are excited to see Holdex integrating our API. Ease and freedom to transact are as important in fundraising as they are in any other context. We are happy to contribute and be a part of Holdex’ vision.

David Bleznak
Totle CEO

This really is the next generation of crowdfunding services. Partnering with Holdex to create this premium platform means that we can offer seamless and compliant onboarding while ensuring that our partners have the best possible experience in setting up their token events.

Adam Vaziri
Blockpass CEO

Collaborating with Holdex for our token sale has been a great experience. Both the Holdex platform and team have been instrumental during the campaign and we are glad they joined us in the 433 Token journey.

Raymond Wong

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